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Virtual Servers VDS/VPS

Our VPS servers are based on OpenVZ virtualization technology. OpenVZ is an OS virtualization technology that provides ultra fast disk and memory access. However there are some restrictions of this technology, for example only Linux operating systems are allowed, and the system kernel cannot be changed. It is quite common to use VPS’s for web site hosting and control panels like Cpanel/WHM.

The VDS servers use the new KVM virtualization technology that guarantees memory and resources on each VM. It is more suitable for demanding applications that require guaranteed resources on the server.

Web hosting

Our servers utilizing latest technology equipment, with the most effective and globally accredited operating system cloudlinux, with excellent resource management and elevated protection against foreign threats.

Uptime Guarantee Uptime and security of your websites is guarranted, with daily backups and advanced anti-DDOS protection filters (2Gbit)

Dedicated Servers

We have great experience in all kinds of network configurations. Our support team, has a long experience in Linux Server management and maintenance.

Since 2000 we are constantly deploying wireless networks, always using the latest technology in infrastructure and security.

Curently our network infrastructure consist of multiple network switches connected to the internet backbone via a 10G uplink. Multiple tier 1 network providers are used for reduntancy.

We can guarantee 99.99% network and power uptime in our infrastructure.

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